There are many reasons why people decide they can no longer live together and when the time comes to make that decision, the experience is usually a traumatic one. Such emotional upheaval brings with it its own problems, which often go unnoticed until much later, when they can give rise to a host of unrealised problems.

It is a fact that many marriages will end in divorce, but separation from ones partner is only part of a much bigger package. Legalities, at a time of emotional upheaval, mostly take second, if not third or fourth place, but it is at that very point that you need the very best advice that you can get. A well meaning friend may well be able to guide you through the emotional stress, but is unlikely to be equipped to offer professional advice which can guide you through the legal processes and ensure you know your rights and help you to build the foundations of a new life.

There are a number of issues that can be stressful such as the matrimonial finances, entitlement to maintenance, what will happen to the family home, who will the children live with and spend time with, to name but a few. Having professional advice at an early stage can help to elevate the stress and guide you through this process. At Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan we will provide you with realistic advice tailored to suit your individual circumstances and help you through this often difficult journey.

We can help you with the divorce petition, financial negotiation and proceedings including implementing any agreements reached. We cannot currently help you with any disputes concerning children or deal with legal aid cases.