Personal Injury / accidents

If you have suffered an injury at work or work-related disorders such as repetitive strain disorder, Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan are specialists in personal injury and clinical negligence. We are also able to make applications for compensation to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Please see our Personal Injury page for more details.

Employment Law

Knowing your rights as an employee can change your working environment for the better. Ensuring that you are treated fairly by your employer can make a difference to almost every aspect of your employment, be it your pay, working conditions, promotion prospects and/or selection for redundancy.

Or perhaps you are an employer seeking to implement and follow up-to-date Regulations and Codes of Practice in relation to disciplinary measures, redundancy and/or the transfer of a business to new employers. 

Advice and representation is available from specialist solicitors in making or responding to a claim in an Employment Tribunal. We also provide assistance with advise upon settlement agreements in a dismissal situation.

Consumer Affairs

Granville West, Chivers & Morgan can advise you on your rights if you have paid for faulty goods or shoddy services, including poor holidays. We can also advise you in relation to consumer credit and hire purchase agreements.

Inheritance disputes

Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan can give advice and representation to ensure appropriate financial provision for dependants of a deceased testator, and advice on the difficulties and rules regarding intestacy. We can assist with disputes concerning the making of and contents of wills and testamentary dispositions of property.

If you require advice about an estate and whether you would be entitled to bring a claim in respect of the same.

Professional negligence

If you have suffered negligence at the hands of professionals such as Doctors, accountants or even lawyers, Granville-West, Chivers & Morgan are able to provide advice and representation in professional negligence litigation.

Property & contract disputes

Issues such as consumer credit agreements, repossessions or non-payment of money for goods and services.


Issues such as mortgage repossessions, evictions, landlord and tenant disputes, advice and representation for Housing Association and Local Authority (Council) tenants.

Debt & insolvency

Early action may avoid the anguish of a visit from a bailiff – legal support is often available throughout the levels of bankruptcy. There are also other legal methods of dealing with creditors.