These are potential additional costs that may be charged in conveyancing matters. We will advise you if any of these charges are applicable in your case.

Declaration of Trust£200 – £300£40-£60£240-£360
Statutory Declaration£200 – £300 £40-£60 £240-£360
Completion at short notice£50£10£60
Corresponding with a third party
E.g. Matrimonial matters
Buy to let/Let to buy£100£20£120
Acting for an attorney in property
Appointment of a second trustee£150£30£180
Additional Land Registry title£50 each£10£60
Gifted deposits/3rd party
payment of deposits
Negative equity£200-£500£50-£100£300-£600
Help to Buy ISA£50£10£60
Dealing with retentions£250-£500£50-£100£300-£600
Late completions£250-£500£50-£100£300-£600
Obtaining regulatory documents£50£10£60
New build properties less than
10 years old
LMS fee£10£2£12
Conservatory questionnaire£50£10£60
Solar panel questionnaire£50£10£60
Liaising with solar panel lessee£200£40£240
Land Registry restriction£50£10£60
Shared equity£200£40£240
Third party consents£100£20£120
Report to lender other than
certificate of title
Unregistered title£200£40£240
2nd Mortgage or charge£100£20£120
Each additional mortgage or
Leasehold title£200£40£240
Leasehold notice£40£8£48
Deed of covenant compliance£75£15£90
Appointment of second trustee£100£20£120
Bank Transfer costs per transfer£35.00£7.00£42.00